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Letter to the Prime Minister

15 Nov, 2022

Dear Prime Minister,

The cost of living has strangled us. Stopped us from living normal, healthy lives. Inadequate systems mean we are punished, marginalised, judged and left to suffer.

Rising costs, without any safety net to fall back on, leave us asking: ‘What is the price of parenthood in the UK today?’

Huge numbers of us are now almost completely unable to support ourselves or our families. Nothing is affordable. Our children are hungry. Schools report “short concentration” and “unmanageable moods”. They have lost their childhood.

We have left one pandemic and entered another. This time rather than physical ill health we have an insurmountable mental burden. Instead of healing, we are sick with anxiety, drowning in financial doom. And the government has offered nothing but a flimsy life jacket. We need more.

You must listen and you must act. Like never before. To help people who are relying on you more than ever before. We don’t need policies implemented in weeks’ or months’ time. We need urgent support NOW.

We are not case studies, but people with stories you would have nightmares about if it was your reality. Perhaps you don't see desperation unless you have lived it? Well learn from us. Because we are living it.

Be brave, Prime Minister. Be bold. Tackle this crisis. Because the people of your country - we cannot survive. You can’t leave us struggling, rationing, losing.

We are willing that one day our children might grow up free, not struck down by poverty. Our children deserve better. Our parents deserve better. Our friends and neighbours deserve better. We all deserve better.

I see you. We all see you. The world sees you, but we ask: Do you see us?

We shouldn’t be drowning.

You don’t know us, but in this letter we come as one. Together. To ask for help. To demand change!

Changing Realities

Parents and carers working together to document life on a low income and push for change.


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