Our experiences about "autumn"

Libby N

15 September 2022

In the past, having the children at home, meant saving money by not having to pay for transport those couple of days or spontaneous shopping trips because one happens to be outside. But how things have changed… I am not even switching on the TV at night, especially after having it on the whole day by my beloved son who can not live without his favourite cartoons (or a sound in the background). I really cannot blame him, as he must have got it from me, but trying to tell him about how the smart meter is really not going to stop taking more pennies, is pointless as he just does not get it.

I am being more precocious than I ought to be as I know winter is coming. How will our lives be like then?

Will I have to take my two children to the library after school and nursery so they can keep warm and use less energy at home?

And then we will return to the flat quickly, make them tea and put them to bed shortly after?

I swear the smart meter is eating me up more than the last 10 quid I added less than two days ago. The temperature has also dropped, we have all caught a viral cold and I refuse to let the smart meter win when it comes to heating the home, for now.

So brought out the big duvets, which probably will only be able to help us so far before the real autumn chill really hits.

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