Ruth Patrick

University of York

I lead the Changing Realities programme, working mainly from my home in Bradford, which I share with my four children and partner, Martin. I work part-time, juggling research work with the much harder work of looking after my kids (who constantly exhaust me). I’m hopeful that Changing Realities really will change things, at a time when change has never felt more needed. On the home front, I’m hopeful that my kids will finally learn to say excuse me before interrupting my work zooms. It’s been two years of working from home, and the endless and always terribly timed interruptions show no signs of letting up.

Changing Realities is a collaboration between parents and carers, researchers at the University of York, and Child Poverty Action Group.
Changing Realities is funded by abrdn Financial Fairness Trust.
Changing Realities' sister project is Covid Realities, which ran from 2020 to 2022, and was funded by the Nuffield Foundation
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