We are documenting life on low-incomes
Working together to document life on a low income and push for change.

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Illustrations Catherine Fortey

“Lying in bed. Tummy rumbling. Started to wait and see if daughter leaves food on plate and finish it off to save money.”

– England. 2022.

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If you’re a parent or carer to a child aged 19 or under, and living on a low income, get involved now.
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We’re coming together to share experiences of life on a low-income in the UK. We’re working together with researchers, artists, and Child Poverty Action Group to make change happen.

We’re shining a light on what life is really like for households on low incomes, and pushing for urgent and permanent change. We are Changing Realities.

We're doing this work through...
online diaries,
discussion groups
and regular workshops

Parents getting involved in the project will have opportunities to learn new skills, to speak out and to meet others facing similar challenges. Together, let’s ensure that the real impact of this cost-of-living crisis is heard in the media, in our communities, and in Government.

Credit Guy Smallman
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Changing Realities is a collaboration between parents and carers, researchers at the University of York, and Child Poverty Action Group.
Changing Realities is funded by abrdn Financial Fairness Trust.
Changing Realities' sister project is Covid Realities, which ran from 2020 to 2022, and was funded by the Nuffield Foundation
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