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Listen to our experiences of life on a low income, as told by us.



Catch up on our zine launch webinar "doing participatory research: reflecting back and looking forward". We hear participant perspectives from Mahabuba, Joe and Victoria who share their experiences of participatory research and in particular the zine making process. We also hear from Jean McEwan (community artist) and Tom Flannery (graphic designer) about working with participants to put the zine together. We talk through and showcase images from the zine and answer audience questions. Do also check out the zine! --- Our previous webinar, chaired by Jackie Long from Channel 4, took place on 15th November 2023, just a week prior to the Chancellor's Autumn Statement. During this webinar, we hear from Changing Realities parents Ella Michalski, Shirley Widdop, Emdad, Faith Angwet, Izzy, Stacey & Kim - who share poetry and written testimony about the changes they want to see. This is followed by responses from Alison Garnham (CPAG), Tom Pollard (NEF) and Alex Clegg (Resolution Foundation).

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Letter to the PM

In November 2022 we collectively wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, to ask for more to be done to tackle the cost of living crisis. Our letter was read out in parliament and exhibited at the Wellcome Collection in London.

Reflections on researching together

Our sister project, Covid Realities, ran from April 2020 to June 2022. These videos tell the story of how we worked together to document our experiences of life on a low income during the pandemic.

We are Changing Realities

Covid Realities audio squares

Listen to our experiences of life on a low income during the pandemic.
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