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I've signed up to Changing Realities: this is why I think you should too

23 Sep, 2022

My name is Kim. I am a married disabled mother of four sons. Right now, life is extremely difficult. The weather is getting colder, the nights are closing in at the same time as prices for everything are skyrocketing.

We are losing the battle of managing financially. We are rationing everything from food, electric to hot water. I can’t remember the last time we could afford any heating.

I am getting involved with Changing Realities as I was previously involved with a project called Covid Realities which was a wonderful experience.

Changing Realities is a wonderful community where we can talk about our struggles and worries with no judgement and so much support from like minded people. Changing Realities will allow us to learn new skills with an aim to make the desperately needed changes to a failing system that is allowing people to slide further into poverty.

I cannot recommend signing up to the Changing Realities project highly enough and would encourage anybody thinking about joining to do it, you will not regret it.

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