Diary entries cover a variety of topics, some of which you may find triggering. These topics include self-harm, suicide and domestic violence.
3 Mar 2023

Beverly W

Judging by the news I'm beginning to wonder whether there's an end to the cost of living crisis in sight. Or maybe I'm fooling myself? Spring's not too far away at least and with it warmer weather at long last. We feel in need of cheering ourselves up. Our usual treats are currently out of the question. I cant remember when I last bought myself anything new to wear or treated myself to a salon appointment but its been on my mind to do so a lot lately. I've been sacrificing my own needs over my son's for well over a year it seems. I'm trying to stretch money so far and in so many different directions in anticipation of a rent increase along with hikes in all our regular bills. I feel that the five pound I spent an a second hand wireless door bell is indeed a good deal for us.

My landlord appears to be full of fake promises. The latest of which is grant work to improve the damp and mould situation. I'm not holding my breath about it actually happening any time soon.

I'm constantly hoping we find alternative accommodation through the social housing list. We need more affordable rent as well as more security than we currently have. Having a disability leaves me vulnerable to rogue landlords who, amongst other things, can kick you at at the drop of a hat if they decide to sell up, So, hopefully, fingers crossed we will be moving before we face another winter in this current place.

I read recently the drop in living standards has reached 2 million and 4 million children continue living in poverty.

Families who are not already in poverty, are being pushed into it by a lack of action from the government.

I'm loathed to watch the news lately, let alone log on to the internet. You don't have to look hard to see negativity everywhere. Goodness knows how UC claimants will cope with the latest pilot for intensive work search commitments. As usual, the Government appear to be determined to make claiming benefits harder for the already poorest most vulnerable people in society. Shame on them and their decisions and sanctions!

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