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Diary entries cover a variety of topics, some of which you may find triggering. These topics include self-harm, suicide and domestic violence.
21 Apr 2023

Charles K

How are you finding being part of Changing Realities?

Hi. Yeah, well, I like being part of the changing realities. I started off with changing COVID one and I just feel it's absolutely great to be able to take part. Diary entries and video entries just to help shape the future for any research that can be done. I mean, we're living in changing times pre COVID and in another sort of borderline recession which we've not had for a few years, quite a good few years. I think it's great to be part of a research group that can hope, you know, change or, or help change shape the future. You know, we always say we learn from our past mistakes. That doesn't always happen in, in politics and that, but hopefully, hopefully we can, we can all make a difference by just sharing our lives and how it's affecting us.

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