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27 Apr 2023

Beverly W

On the topic of valid voting ID, my Mum tells me the taxi driver told her she couldn't use her bus pass when voting at next week's local elections.

I checked online and this is of course wrong, she can use it. Also her driving licence is listed there as valid even if it has expired.

It strikes me the governments main agenda is to divide communities by creating discontent. From where I sit all I see is the country is in crisis mode, people are attacking each other rather than pulling together, you cannot get a face to face GP appointment, ambulance waiting times are astronomical, poverty is hitting it's all time highest in decades whilst the people tasked with running the show behave like mafia gangsters robbing the country blind whilst gagging the media etc.

I'm sorry to say I'll only be watching the forthcoming coronation to see what exactly the rich are spending tax payers money on and who only knows why on earth we truly need a multi million pound alert system.... or to that matter, half the covid nonsense that good money was wasted on. As per usual we're being fed a bunch of government lies and spin, to convince the vast majority of the British public they need to do what they are told.

I seriously dread to think that the figures are right when I hear 96% of the people, who do actually need ID to vote , haven't bothered to get it. I've completely had it with this mess we're all in. Beam me up Scotty!!!

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