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8 Sep 2023

Dotty G

Do you think the cost-of-living crisis is over?

I definitely don't think that the cost of living crisis is over. In fact, sadly I think it's gonna be with us for a while.

I say this because, if the cost of living crisis was over, how come the prices in my local supermarkets keep going up rather than down, as is the cost of many other things like rent, etc?

Moreover, in many recent documentaries that I've watched, people are really struggling, and having to resort to foodbanks, partly because the jobs are just not there like they used to be, but also because many of the jobs that people are in just ain't paying enough, and hence people resort to foodbanks in order to make ends meet.

I think the media are portraying the narrative that the cost of living crisis is over so that they can make people think that things are not as bad as they actually really are.

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