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4 Apr 2023

Dotty G

What’s your relationship with paid employment?

I used to work full time in Admin, and started this work when my 1st child was 3 years old. I was on Benefits before I started work.

This was over 10 years ago, and the Government of the day enabled single mothers like myself to what they called at the time 'run- on' benefits.

An example of one of the run-on benefits that I received when I started work was that the Government paid 1 months worth of Housing benefit for me, just to make the transaction into work that little bit more easier, and also to enable the person to have a little bit more cash in their pocket in their 1st paycheck.

However, all of that has sadly gone, and even though I am currently not in work, I dread to think think of how much I would lose out financially (especially if your not going into a highly paid job).

I say this because, I've worked out that unlike in the past when benefit claimants would receive run-on benefits for their 1st month in work, nowadays you don't receive anything.

Furthermore, you would have to pay full rent, full council tax, full NHS Prescription charges (at almost £10 per medication) full Optician & Dental bills etc - in other words, there is very little to no support available for you, especially if you work full time time in a minimum wage job because you have to pay for everything in full- whereas at least if you worked part-time you will still get some support from the Universal Credit system, but, from my experiences Part-time work in my field (Admin) is very few and far between.

Therefore, for me, in summary- under the current system that we are in, more often than not, you're no better off working.

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