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16 Jun 2023

Erik W

What do you think would be an adequate monthly income for you and your household?

This question of the week is very interesting, but also very difficult to answer. An immediate thought might be great, but when you think about it more it seems to be riddled with problems and far too many to write about here. There are to many different types of family and household groups to consider for one, near where I live there is a small terraced house where there is a large family of 8 or more working adults living together, Where as I am a single parent on Legacy benefits, not even able to receive free school meals for my daughter.

Or put in another way there are so many geographical differences in the cost of living, so I don’t believe it could really level out society that much. There are different costs involved with living in a city center or in the countryside.

Other things to consider would be…

How open to fraud would this be,

Initial cost to the country & where would the money be recovered from,

Number of qualifying adults in a household,

Would other help remain, for people with disabilities ect. War injury payments, pensions, PIP, funeral payments. This list could go on…

Medical health costs, NHS dentist, medical exemption certificates, infant milk,

What about the homeless ? What about refugees that are unable to obtain public money?.

On the face of it it would seem to be a good idea but it would not change the fact that we are all living in an unfair society that has very little chance of changing.

There are many people in this country that simply would not even notice if they were given 1600 pounds a month. Also there are many families / households in this country that do not get that amount, Including housing costs, new style ESA, water help ect. I am one of these people despite living with and supporting my daughter who is still in full time education and will one day hopefully be able to make her own way out of the life she has been up in despite it being her fault in any way.

As for the actual question I just remembered I was answering. I simply don't know, it has been too many years since myself and my daughter led any sort of meaningful life.

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