Diary entries cover a variety of topics, some of which you may find triggering. These topics include self-harm, suicide and domestic violence.
24 Jul 2023

Erik W

On Wednesday my brother is getting married, unfortunately I am not able to go due the cost of traveling, smart clothes and other expenses. Last night as I sat thinking about this I found myself writing my thoughts. So below I share this writing which is something I rarely talk about. But please enjoy.

I sit here in near darkness,

In the comfortof my home,

But standing in the room, dressed in high victorian clothes,

Standing, chatting, drinking,

are people I don't know,

I try to be respectful,

In the corner where I sit,

with the ticking of my clocks disstracting me a bit,

Then I catch my thoughts a bit,

I'm really here alone,

My mind plays odd tricks on me,

It has done all my life,

That's why I sit here all alone,

No friends, no company, no wife.


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